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At DIRECT GARDENS, we acknowledge that defects do occur in construction and although our procedures attempt to reduce these, we have developed a system in which to rectify these quickly in order to maintain a high level of quality and provide the client and residents with customer care so they can feel confident in our ability to fulfil our objectives under our aim of “achieving excellence in construction”.


During construction, defects do occur albeit through shrinkage or other influences inherent with material used in construction. When identified early, corrective action is taken to either remove the defect totally or embark on a course of action in which to treat it. These actions are undertaken to enable the construction works to be handed over with zero defects.


During the months after handover, defects may become apparent in varying forms, which can and will be promptly attended to in line with the contract. This is undertaken by our team of maintenance operatives who will take corrective action in order to maintain the specification and quality of workmanship detailed in the employers brief. (Please refer to our customer care & defect management procedures statement detailed below).

DIRECT GARDENS operates a Quality Assurance procedure and this ensures that all procedures are followed by all DIRECT GARDENS employees and this in turn enables DIRECT GARDENS to provide clients with a high quality product every time.


DIRECT GARDENS consistently monitor defects from the work we undertake by feedback from our Maintenance Operatives, our Project Manager or indeed our client’s. Should there be a consistent defect which is product related, this would be discussed with our purchasing department, and addressed, and alternative products would be sourced and utilised providing preventive measures on future projects. Further feedback with the client/end user is undertaken towards the end of the defects liability period in the form of a post contract review (details below), with specific sections relating to defects.


DIRECT GARDENS believes that standards are an important element of any project. In order to improve performance, it is necessary to measure and compare performance and DIRECT GARDENS has adopted a Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), for many of its projects. As part of DIRECT GARDENS commitment to customer satisfaction DIRECT GARDENS undertakes post contract reviews (which also form part of our KPIs) with its client’s for every project we complete. These review documents allow us to ensure that we are delivering the necessary level of service, and more we can assess those areas where we are not delivering to our client’s requirements and implement change.


DIRECT GARDENS philosophy of a total commitment to customer care is an essential component of DIRECT GARDENS success. Our ethos of putting clients first and responding to their needs goes far beyond both the contract and obligations under the contract. DIRECT GARDENS firmly believes that for clients and end users to be completely satisfied with any project, they must be given a thoroughly professional, effective and speedy service during the defects liability period.

In response to this, DIRECT GARDENS has a dedicated department that takes over contracts at practical completion. This department is managed by Mr Dave McKay (07831-695-886) and Mr McKay has a number of multi-skilled tradesmen at his disposal.


1.  Speedy response to defects during the defects liability period

2.  Attendance to latent defects

3.  24 hour emergency cover

4.  Nationalholiday cover

Full training is given to both clients and customers on how the product should be looked after and maintained and to DIRECT GARDENS own maintenance team. DIRECT GARDENS team are also experienced in working with clients and residents and are sympathetic to their needs and circumstances. It is also emphasised that neat and tidy work, together with respect of residents/tenants, is paramount.

The results of our care policy are reflected through our high percentage of repeat business in all sectors.


1. On receipt of a telephone call, fax or letter from an employer, resident or employer’s agent, the duty staff will assess the nature of the complaint.

2. If a subcontract related item, the subcontractor will be contacted and instructed the complaint within the specified timescale. All relevant information is to be passed to the Subcontractor.

3. If we are unable to contact the Subcontractor, or they are unable to ease the complaint within the timescale's specified, DIRECT GARDENS staff will attend.

4. Staff attending defect will obtain customer satisfaction note from resident as confirmation that the works have been attended to satisfactorily. Copy note issued back to head office and employers agent.

5. On completion of any project a letter of introduction to our after sales service is given to the resident.

Last reviewed 27th November 2014


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